Questions regarding code streaming

Hi Ben, I enjoyed your YouTube channel. I watched multiple of your videos as a part of my ongoing research to understand the new phenomenon of software engineering where developers live stream the process of building software. I have three questions that would tremendously help me understand this phenomenon.

  1. What is the motivation that kept you do the streaming for almost two years? and what changed that made you stop streaming?
  2. What were the most challenging things about doing streaming?
  3. Did streaming help you to build an online identity and get new jobs or opportunities?

Thank Ben and I really enjoyed your video building c++ face detection software :slight_smile:

Abdulaziz Alaboudi
Ph.D. student at George Mason University, VA, USA.

  1. I was trying to build up a volume of work so that I could transition careers. By streaming online, it ensured that I built a body of public facing work. I stopped streaming after a job change and several video publications deals.
  2. The time and energy associated. Also, ensuring that you know what you are doing.
  3. Yes, I’ve had multiple new job opportunities that came out of streaming online.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much for responding! I am interested to know if you feel like an improved tooling and IDE that is designed for live-coding can alleviate some of the effort. If so, what features would like to have in such a tool.

I think the hardest thing the viewers would have was understanding the architecture of the code base, or how things fit together.

“What are you working on” is a common question, but unwinding a tricky programming task into something visual can be challenging. Some of the guys that build javascript games live do this the best, where they incrementally fix bugs, and then visually show the bug being fixed on the screen.

So if you can figure out how to keep track of the problem that you’re working on, visually represent the code base/changes made against the task, and how that code fits together, you’d have a good visual editor that would allow for programming.

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